CrossKnowlege Foundation - Learning for a better life

About Us

The CrossKnowledge Foundation strives for social inclusion by sharing its high quality training content and digital technology with influential NGO’s and Foundations organizations worldwide.

We are passionate about helping these organisations to deliver on their promise of providing underprivileged populations with access to learning in many areas such as:

  • social entrepreneurship
  • diversity
  • equal opportunities
  • personal development

This initiative is the reflection of the CrossKnowledge mission:  Use new learning technologies to significantly improve the lives of people around the world.

After being launched by Hervé Goudchaux, co-founder of CrossKnowledge, the CrossKnowledge Foundation is now led by Piroska Hunyadi, Client Success Director.

Our Projects

Our objective is to support organizations that have defined up-skilling needs as well as the capacity to address these through new learning technologies.

This support includes:

  • The provisioning of state-of-the-art digital trainings through a user friendly learning technology environment
  • The training and empowerment of administrators on the digital solution in order to best address their respective challenges
  • The access to the CrossKnowledge employee volunteers community to accompany the projects on their specific needs.

“We are pleased to provide Junior Achievement users with a complete range of courses that will help them develop the critical skillsets needed in 21st century organizations and to succeed in their future career.”

Arnaud Sabin

Our Volunteers: At the heart of our employee commitment

The CrossKnowledge Foundation works closely with its internal community of volunteers to accompany projects on their specific needs.

Our community of volunteers share their expertise in digital consultancy, project management, learning design, communication, and many other fields. It is thanks to their involvement that we are able to collaborate and deliver high impact on each and every one of the projects we work on.

“Collaborating with the teams from Nos Quartiers Ont du Talent has brought meaning and pride to my day-to-day professional activities”

Bastien Cauderlier, Client Success Manager

Any questions you would wish to address to us? Feel free to contact us at: