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What Exactly Is Social Learning?

Social learning has been proven as a powerful method to improve team collaboration, keep employees engaged, and make learning more appealing. Studies have validated the power of social learning and its positive effects on learner impact and retention. But what exactly is social learning?

Social learning can include creating online communities to exchange information or ask advice, posting open questions, conducting polls, participating in team activities, gamification elements to earn points and track progress, public profiles, sharing posts, adding commentary and likes to other posts, and solidify company culture. It can also be used to track team progress on group activities and measure team efficiency.

Social learning is becoming an integral part of any digital training program, and companies who don't recognize its value will be left behind. CrossKnowledge designs learning programs with Social Learning as a key feature. We can also integrate Social Learning elements into your current programs.

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Gamified Training, the Driving Force of Social Learning

Gamification is a key element of social learning. To increase learner engagement and team collaboration, many companies are incorporating powerful psychological incentives into their training programs that are borrowed from the gaming industry.

Gamification can provide many benefits including increased time spent learning, increased collaboration among learning cohorts, knowledge retention and incentivizing the learner to actively contribute to training by putting him in charge of his own professional development.

To put these powerful learning incentives to work, Crossknowledge integrates gamified engagement and collaboration techniques into the heart of each training ecosystem.

White Paper: Successfully Gamify Your Training

Gamified training has many proven benefits, including increased learner engagement, improved memory retention, higher course completion rates, and positive impacts on team collaboration and enthusiasm. It also creates a safe environment where employees can build confidence and share professional knowledge. But how can you gamify your current program? Our guide presents a number of practical tips to help you build an effective gamified system that is seamlessly integrated into your current training program.

A few of the companies that have improved learner engagement and course completion rates with social learning and gamification.